About Equity Austin

Nearly everyone has heard the statistics behind Austin’s rise to become one of America’s premier cities. For the last five years Austin has been one of the fastest growing cities in America; more than 100 people a day move here. Austin frequently tops the charts for best places to live, best job markets, and a multitude of other factors that spell out what those of us who live here already know. We are lucky to live in a city with natural beauty, a diverse and strong economy, distinguished educational facilities, a creative and energetic population, and cultural events that are famous around the world.

Many public leaders and private citizens cling to the worn-out cliche that the influx of newcomers to Austin is robbing our city of its heritage, personality, and unique way of life. Equity Austin rejects this view. We believe that traffic jams and skyrocketing rents that push out diverse and talented residents are symptoms of a city that has refused to make the choices we need to adapt and thrive. We cannot move forward while public leaders operate under the idea that “if you don’t build it, they won’t come.” People are moving to Austin, we can’t pretend they’ll just stop.

Equity Austin firmly believes that fresh faces, fresh ideas, and fresh energy from those moving here, combined with the passion and historical understanding of long-term residents, is vital to keeping Austin the extraordinary city that we love well into the 21st century. Equity Austin champions leaders and policies that view our city’s growth as an opportunity to make us better and stronger; to bring all Austinites into the discussion on our future and to strengthen the values that make Austin special.